Tackling Healthy Eating One Bite Size at a Time

chickpea pizza

  January is around the corner and undoubtedly you are thinking about ways to bring out the better you. Whether it’s health-related, a career change, personal growth – you name it, you’re thinking about it. You do this every year and by the 10th day (if that long), you’re an epic fail. But I’m here to tell you, you’re not! […]


Slowly but surely Hispanics are remaking America and Latinas have a powerful influence in this change. From Latinas in film and media to Latinas in politics there are plenty of women that have put their stamp on our society. There have also been some truly remarkable Latina leaders and activists who have changed the world for the better. Below is […]

Latino Voting Power

With the growing number of Latinos in the US it’s becoming even more important that we, Latinos, stick together. One way we can stick together is by voting, yet many Latinos are not voting or will not vote next time around. There are 27.3 million Latinos who are eligible to vote, yet only 15 million or 11.9% are registered, and […]